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Thai police clearance certificate - Thai criminal check

Our team member can help you facilitate your request for Thai Police Certificate or Clearance entirely online from Special Branch of the Royal Thai Police, Criminal record division. Our processing time is 4-7 business days  from the day we lodged your application. (*shipping time excluded) You can simply apply it online from our online application intake or you can contact us via email at ThaiPCC@ris-canada.com , Once our team member verify and receive your document(s), we will issue your invoice electronically. You can simply make a payment by Credit card, Debit card, Interac E-transfer, BPAY or cheque.

PLEASE NOTE : If you are currently a client of Resolution Immigration Services (RIS), please check with your representative whether police certificate fee is included. Most of our flat fee services are included with all the documentation required.

Our procedure as follow

  1. Scan or take a photo of your mandatory document(s) listed below under document required section and save to your computer or electronic device.

  2. Fill up our online application intake at https://www.thaipolicecertificate.org/apply-now

  3. Once identity is confirm, you will receive a payment instruction and we will advise you once we have lodged your request to Royal Thai Police office in Bangkok, Thailand. 

  4. We will advise you once your certificate or clearance has been issued and a scanned copy will be sent it to you by email. We will ship the document(s) according to the arrangement made; either we send it directly to one of visa offices or directly to your mailing address.


Service charge including government fee ;

For more information about fee, please click here

*additional sale tax(es), GST or HST may applies.

Shipping charge ;

  • Registered air-mail = included in service charge

  • FedEx or DHL Priority overnight service (3 business days to Major cities in Canada/USA)= THB฿1,000

  • FedEx, DHL or courier mail to rural Canada/USA=  THB฿1,500

Required Documents

  1. Valid passport

  2. Your current passport

  3. Your most recent Thai Visa, Entry stamp, Work Permit or Permanent residence card (If applicable)

  4. Digital Photo 200X200 pixel or Passport photo

  5. Fingerprint (our representative will advised you if we need your fingerprint or not. If we are able to identify your identity you are not required to submitted your fingerprint to us, If we need your fingerprint we will give you an instruction on how to submit fingerprinting electronically or by ink) 

Ready to Apply or have any question? Email us at ThaiPCC@ris-canada.comor call one of our offices.

For more information about Thai Police Clearance Certificate please visit our Thai PCC Section at https://www.thaipolicecertificate.org/


* Lowest Price Guarantee

The Lowest Price Guarantee only applies to Thai Police Certificate for routine application. We are certain that our price are lowest therefore no need to shop elsewhere. WE WILL BEAT ANY COMPETITORS PRICES. We will beat by ten (10) percent If you find our competitor offer a lower price for this type of service and all the following condition are met.
  1. Must have the exact type of service and processing turn around time in writing.
  2. Competitor must be registered in Thailand or Canada with regulatory licensing if applicable.
  3. Must be priced in Canadian Dollars and include all governmental fees, shipping costs, and other charges.
  4. The services price must not be lower due to an advertising error, misprint, or special sale price.
  5. Services prices from our competitor must be available in public such as from their website.
  6. You must submitted competitor invoice which outline the services type, processing time and shipping cost or any related other charges within 14 days after we have process your request with us.
In order to request Lowest price guarantee claim please contact your representative or email us at contact@ris-canada.com